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The thirty one foot long model may be a long way short of the `real thing' but never-the-less, very impressive.

Reading the news in the Aberdeen Press & Journal one morning over breakfast, Duncan Cameron, was delighted to learn that at last Invergordon was making headway against the tide of apathy that has surrounded the establishment of a Naval Museum in the town for almost twenty years.

There and then he contacted a member of the steering committee and very generously offered his one ton model of the HMS Invincible on a long term loan for exhibition purposes to the museum (why did he not offer it to my small home-based museum?).

Retired from his regular radio controlled aerial photography work, where he used remotely piloted aircraft with a nine foot wingspan to carry his cameras to remote areas on behalf of a host of customers, Duncan still has his finger `on the pulse' so to speak, regularly building aircraft and other radio controlled models.

   I came across these interesting pre-war images in the internet.  These models are owned by Christian Boland. Hope these will interest you.  Please visit this interesting site.

051B Norddeutscher Lloyd "Europa" - 1934

051d Canadian Pacific Railway Company "Empress of Britain" (1934)

051e Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company "Straithard" (1934)

051f Furness Whity "Queen of Bermuda" (1934)

051g Cunard White Star "Brittanic" (1934)