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I do like it when I get to see something a bit different. Academy certainly provided it this year. Of course, they had plenty of models of planes, ships etc on display, all up to their usual standards:

HMS Warsprite

Here's the second part of my Revell postings, featuring the model plane kits!

I always make sure to stop by the Schreiber-Bogen stand at Nuremberg to check out the amazing paper kits they have on display. These are far from your standard cut-out-and-glue-together one-dimensional models! Here's what they had this year:

There are lots of great models at Nuremberg, but there is a tendency for some companies to play it a bit safe - you do see an awful lot of model Audi R8s, Lamborghini Reventons and similar. So I always look round for something that stands out as unusual or which I haven't seen before and the Spark/Bizarre stand had quite a few this year!

To start with, here's their Lotus Elan Estate:

The team and I have just returned from our fourth trip to the Houten Swapmeet (you'll recall our other trips as blogged about here, here & here) but this time round, we made quite the weekend of it!

First of all, we stopped off to meet our ToyPedia Advisory Board Member Richard Topelen and his charming fiancee Daniela to check out Richard's amazing Lego collection. Richard's website is www.miniland.nl but he really needs a museum to house his fantastic collection (and we hope he opens one!) He has absolutely everything you could possibly imagine in Lego, including a globe of the world, a giraffe, fantastic sixties display models, piles and piles of bricks and the most amazing layouts! Here are some of the pics I took of his fantastic setup:

In the world of G.I. Joe, vehicles can be hit or miss in terms of both quality and awesomeness. Rarely, does it seem, that the two features overlap. It's either super awesome for the concept, or great quality for what it is. That's where the 30th anniversary Sky Striker reissue comes in. It's pure awesome collector level quality redux. Before we brush up on some G.I. Joe history, let's take a look at the reason why we're here: