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Nuremberg #15: Corgi Model Planes

by LaToya

Diecast plane enthusiass will be pleased to know that Corgi's diecast model aircraft are going from strength to strength - they're now one of the company's two biggest-selling ranges.

I got some great pics of everything on show at the Corgi stand - there's lots of great new stuff, especially with the anniversary of the Battle of Britain coming up...


Sue Richardson

by LaToya

Having just returned from Nuremberg and begun catching up, I wanted to post a short tribute to Sue Richardson, who sadly passed away on February 5th. 


Nuremberg #10: Day 3 Gallery!

by LaToya

Wow, this is great, it's like Toy overload! Yesterday alone, I took about 250 pictures!

I'll be blogging about everything separately, but time is running tighter than I expected, so until I get the chance to write more, you can see the whole Day 3 gallery here

In the meantime, here's a prototype 1/18 Lada from Ixo to be going on with!


Whew, between my laptop batery and my hotel's shaky internet, my blogging is having obstacles thrown in its path, but I'm pressing on!

Here's the Dragon Wings display!

Phew! I made it to Germany! Now this would have been up earlier in the day, but no sooner had I gotten to the toy fair than it turned out that their internet was being funny - and then my laptop battery died! And of course, I need an adaptor to plug the computer in here. I've got one - but I'd left it in my luggage in the Left Luggage at the station!

Double phew! Anyways, my very first port of call was Herpa, where Herpa Wings' Thomas Borgmann was kind enough to give me the lowdown on the 2010 Herpa Wings range - and let me photo some of the prototype castings for the new models!!! These incldue the 747-8 in both cargo and passenger versions, in two scales - 1/500 AND 1/200. Plus a C-17 Globemaster III, a Northrop B-21 in 1/200 and a Soviet Space Shuttle.

Thomas also told us that things are going much better with Herpa now - they expect to be getting deliveries out to shops quicker, and will be making the planes in more limited quantities, so they're going to be even rarer.

Nuremberg Toy Fair Here I Come!

by LaToya


Hi everyone - just wanted to let you all know that as per my forum posts, I'm off to Nuremberg tomorrow for the Toy Fair!