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Royal Air Force Model Vehicles

by Vanguards Collectors Club

With the very recent release of RAF liveried vehicles within both the Trackside and Vanguards ranges we take a look at the history of RAF support vehicles and the various roles they played in order to help to keep fighter and bomber planes in the air.

It was during the First World War that the need for dedicated support vehicles first surfaced. Several types of bi-plane were in operation with the RFC (Royal Flying Corp) and Naval Flying Services in France and Belgium, to carry out reconnaissance missions over enemy lines. Support vehicles evolved with time but initially fuel tankers and trucks to carry aircraft spares were the order of the day. The army on both sides didn't see these flying machines, made from wooden frames, canvas and string, as anything but data gathering devices. In fact when aircraft of opposing sides met they would salute each other as aviators! It wasn't until someone thought about the idea of strapping bombs to the outside of the cockpit which could be hand-dropped by the pilot that their potential became more apparent. Both sides adopted this new bombing technique, so creating a need to prevent enemy aircraft from over-flying each others lines. A machine gun that fired through the gaps in the propeller's rotation was developed and with it the infamous ‘dog fight'. Trucks now needed to supply not only spares and fuel but also bombs and ammunition, making the RFC dependent upon its support vehicles.

Toy Russia 2010 is a Hit!

by LaToya

I need to head out to Moscow next year for sure!

Toy Russia is the country's leading industry event, with exhibitors coming from all over the world - but most interesting for me was all the great stuff on show that's actually produced in Russia. This ear's event ran from the 23rd to the 26th of March and the organisers were kind enough to send me some pics of the event.


Eduard DVA

by modelguy2

One of the best kits ever made is Eduard's DVa. This particular release has no pe parts but in my opinion they're a bit small and fiddly and only get in the way of really enjoying this kit. For this build I'll be using eagle Strikes Flying Circus part VIII. The aircraft is from Jasta 18 in 1918. Thanks to Eagle Strike I have at least another dozen Albatros' to build in the future!

Nuremberg #48: Airfix!

by LaToya

Plenty of great stuff from Airfix, including some very eye-catching dioramas to display built models...


The Tamiya stand was large and impressive. Half dedicated to the R/C stuff, the other half had all the model kits. Like numerous companies exhibiting, Tamiya seem to have figured out that not everyone likes to have to paint their kits, and so they've started offering part-built model ranges. These included these 1/12 exotic cars:


Nuremberg #37: Limox Model Planes

by LaToya

Limox supply numerous airlines (including Lufthansa), travel agencies and airport shops with model planes and other air-related products. You can find their models in travel shops at airports, on sale on planes and in similar locations. They make some great models in 1/100, 1/200, 1/250, 1/50 and other scales and you can see the whole range at www.limox.de. Here's a sampler of what they had at the fair in the meantime!