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Bentley BR2 Rotary Aero Engine, 1/4 scale model built by Paul Knapp, Arizona, 1993. The model weighs almost 12.5 pounds without stand. L=14", W=12.5", H=14"

Airfix Buccaneer Strike Aircraft to 1 72 scale

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I would like to introduce you to the The Miniature Engineering Museum Collection of Paul and Paula Knapp Featured at the Joe Martin Craftsmanship Foundation Museum and my Top 10 favourite models.



Germany's Schreiber-Bogen had their very impressive paper & card model kits on display. They model every type of vehicle you can think of in their range!


Vans, Motorbikes & Cars (and some buildings and trains!):

From IBG Models, there was a really good display of military models - planes, tanks, WW3 and more - in a variety of scales from IBG Models themselves, Hobby Boss and Tristar:


This may be a little outside our usual collecting focus, but I couldn't resist snapping some pics of the amazing Radio Controlled models at the fair. Here are the turboprops, gliders, jets, helicopters and a couple of boats from companies like Simprop Electronic, J-Power Group, Ripmax, Topmodel and Thunder Tiger.