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1/16 scale cutaway aluminum F4U Corsair and P-51 aircraft-Young C. Park

Model Planes in Albuquerque Airport

by Baskingshark

On my way into Albuquerque for the MCCH Gathering, I noticed that the airport had lots of model plane on display to mark New Mexico's big role in early aviation. On the way home, I snapped a few quick iPhone pics of some of them (I'd forgotten and packed the digital camera!).


Bravo Team's pre-made AH64-D Longbow Apache model. This is my favorite attack helicopter so far. Next is the Hind-D then the Cobra. Anyway, about the model, it is not really 100% accurate. Only the major parts are detailed (or semi detailed) such as the main body, the rivet patterns (the dots on the main helicopter), main and tail rotor system, tail flap, landing gears (except the tail landing gear, you'll see why later - if you're an Apache fan) and the sensor (only the model, not the paints). Small parts are also present but there are some missing. Markings are decent and other small details.

Another downfall is the "pilots". Yeah, I think it's much better if the pilots aren't there. They're ruining the model. In the end, I was thinking if this is really a model or a toy. Yup, they differ from each other. But then again, to satisfy my inner child, I still grabbed it out of the shelf and took it home. All I can say is this piece stands between a model and a toy. A "Play and Display" type. Enjoy the photos!

More photos here: http://www.williamdelapena.com/ah64-d-longbow-apache

Soviet Models from the 1970s

by Tom1

I recently found this envelope with postcars from the USSR called "Skillful Hands. Young Technicians." published by the Planeta Publishing House. Moscow in 1973.  The price  was 51 kopeykas (the equivalent of bottle of Pepsi) and the amazing production run of 300,000 copies!  I love the variety, here come the 15 postcards:

1. Scarlet Sails. Teamwork of Leningrad Technical Workshops for Young

Thomas Gunn - Luft001 FW190

by ThomasGunn

1/4 scale running 327 Corvette V-8 Engine-Lee Root