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We already saw some of what Flying Mule had on show, but when I saw them on the Friday, they were kind enough to invite me back to snap some pics of the new Hobby Master planes and prototypes they were getting in on the Saturday:


Flying Mule distribute all sorts of fantastic diecast plane brands. We'll have some more from them later in the form of a few prototypes they brought in on the Saturday, but in the meantime, here's what they had on display on Friday...


Lots of interesting stuff on the Testors stand. Testors have been busy trying to find ways to attract new, younger builders to the hobby and to this end, they've brought out lots of kits in various scales and subjects that are designed for easier building. Some are snap-together, some aren't; some have diecast bodies and some are plastic, but all come with more pre-painted parts than traditional kits, making them easier and quicker to build and guaranteeing a better-looking result than traditional first builds! I'm sure  these will open up some interesting debates  on their merits and the hobby in general, but there are some good-looking models here nontheless:


Mustangs and Corvettes in 1/32 and Heroes of  the Sky vintage warplanes, including Messerschmitt 109and Mustang in 1/72:

We'll be revisiting the Corgi/Hornby/Airfix/Scalextric family later  on for more from the other brands, but here's what we saw on the Corgi plane side of the stand:


Westland WG-13 Lynx in two versions plus Westland Sea King HC-4 helicopters in 1/72

Hi everyone,

I've been talking with TwoFour Productions in the UK, who are currently making a Christmas special for Channel 4 about best-loved and best-remembered toys. They've sent us over a list of toys they're looking for to feature on the show and want to borrow examples of the following from collectors to film:

  • Original Action Man - Preferably with Eagle Eye feature
  • An original unassembled Airfix Kit
  • He-Man Figures
  • Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame and Figurines
  • Vintage Hornby Train Set featuring an old locomotive
  • 1970's Hot Wheels Cars
  • Major Matt Mason
  • Raving Bonkers
  • Six Million Dollar Man Figure
  • Star Wars Toys
  • Stretch Armstrong Doll
  • Striker
  • Subbuteo
  • Spirograph Set
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Tickle-Me Elmo
  • Transformers


Cubana: Proud, Even with Clipped Wings

by HerpaWings

Herpa Cubana TupolevCubana, the airline of the socialist island state of Cuba, was founded by the US American North American Aviation in 1929, and belonged to Juan Trippe's Pan Am empire from 1932 until 1954. With Fidel Castro's Cuban revolution in 1959, however, the American co-production was over. In fact, the airline has suffered heavily from an economic embargo imposed by the USA, making the operation of desperately needed modern airplanes almost impossible.