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Anime North 2012 - Toys!

by Lexxieo

I was so happy to go to Anime North 2012 for Toy Collector! On the Saturday I got into the dealers room and there were toys all over the place! There were toys from Dr.Who to Batman figures, there was a toy for everything and everyone. I snapped pictures of the toys that I thought were very cool and fun for people who collect certain toys. I got a lot of comic book characters from Marvel and DC and all different versions of the characters from each universe. I also got pictures of figures that are popular to people that watch Anime. The figures are always so detailed, colourful and appealing to the eye. So at Anime North where all the good toys are, there is something for everyone! I didn't even get to finish the dealers room since the dealers room was so big and there was so much to look at, I didn't get to go through it all. But it was a unreal time and I hope everyone likes the photos I snapped of toys!

TC at the Buxton Toy Fair

by LaToya

Last Bank Holiday weekend we went to the Buxton Toy Fair, another great event from Barry Potter!

World of Wheels Car show in Calgary, Alberta, Feb 17 to 19, 2012

There were model cars here too.

There is was, 6:30 am and just getting out of bed. Put the coffee on and went into the living room and turned the TV on to the morning news. Roads to the coast were bare and dry so far so my trip was a solid go. Coffee made and a cup in me I got dressed and went out to start the truck. It has been below freezing here overnight for the last couple of weeks. Isn't Mountain life grand?


When I packed my suitcase to go to Brussels, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been in Belgium before, so there was a bit of excitement in it early from the beginning. Taking the Eurostar from London to Brussels early Saturday morning took me to Central Europe in nearly no time and I spent the rest of the day checking out Brussels and its numerous tourist attractions - and I even found two interesting toy shops while walking around (but I forgot to write down the names and addresses - Sorry about that!).

Getting ready for next day's big event I went to bed early and headed to Brussels' Kart Expo early in the morning on Sunday; the place where the 10th Edition of the Collect-Hit took place on the 3rd October 2010.

This year, over 250 exhibitors from more than ten different countries were taking part. The whole event was hosted by Thierry Le Clercq who has really done an amazing job organizing the event - a special thank you to you, Thierry!

Originally, my roommate Shabbir Malik had planned to write this now belated review of our visit to this Eighth Annual Matchbox Convention.  But due to his work and family priorities, this did not happen!  Thus, I have decided to provide my observations of this eventful weekend. This was my sixth time to attend in as many years.  The Gathering of Friends is sponsored by Mattel/ Matchbox . They consider this activity to be  their only official convention here in the US. It is cosponsored by Matchbox Collectors Community Hall (MCCH) which is located at  The proceeds  of the auction  are used to support this website. 

As stated, this was my sixth time in attendance .  Yes, it appears that I have caught the "attendance bug ."   I have already paid in advance  and registered for next year's  dinner!   This activity is a very enjoyable and informative event !

I arrived a little early on Thursday  July 22 via the Alburquerque Airport NM  from my place of departure , Philadelphia PA.  Although the convention was not officially scheduled to begin until the following day, I was surprised to see an impressive number of other early arrivals!  We did visit a nearby restaurant  where old acquaintances were renewed and new ones were  generated in addition t enjoying the food!

After dinner I  was able to visit with some of the members who had already begun setting up their rooms for the weekend  "In- room trading" event.  The models they brought with them were many and varied. The manufacturers were not limited to Matchbox! But of course the main emphasis was  with Matchbox models!