Yatming (imitation) - BRM 1974 chassis

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Yatming Brabham 1974 chassis

I dont have any proof that this car is mad by Yatming, as there is nothing written on the back of the floor. However when I was looking in the internet, I found some photos of Yatming cars which look almost identically to this one. It is probably some cheap Yatming imitation, but nevertheless, from the lack of other nomenclature I am calling it a Yatming car.

The design is based on the F1 BRM P201 model form 1974. It has its typical wide, spade-like front wing and an open engine at the back of the car. Its made from thin metal, therefore its very light and does not go too far when riding down the ramp.

In my collection there is only one car with this chassis:

  • Car nr 98, Champion, black




caapa on January 29, 2016


IMO this is a really "NO Name" product. The car is the BRM P 102 which was copied by Yatming from Polistil. The differences to Yatming: the milled edge of wheels, the "double" support of rear wing and a split of the chassie behind the front wheel till the cooler. Yatming modified the Polistil lightly: add other wheels and cast the air intake behind the drivers head with the body together.
Sorry I don`t know how to edit pics - would be better to see !
antonioradondo on June 29, 2016


I guess You mean BRM P201 from 1974-75. There was no P102 F1 model. Brabham is quite similar, but I agree that BRM is a bit closer to this one.
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