Winner with the Fastest Wheels

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During the 1970s, a series of small-scale diecast cars from Hong Kong identifying "Winner" on the baseplate were available. There seems to be at least three different series and likely others. All the blistercards used to package these models depict a mystery logo representing a steering wheel.

I like to describe the first series as "Schumicas". It is comprised of not too carefully crafted knock-offs of the precise German "Schuco Modell" and early Japanese Tomica counterparts. It is not known who the manufacturer was although the series was available under the "Fastest Wheels" label. Why did the manufacturer decide on these specific German and Japanese cars? The proportions of the knock-off are less desirable but the quality exhibits decent workmanship. Even the solid disk wheels are reminiscent of the original sources. The Winner castings do not feature opening doors. Color schemes represent realistic choices. Each is mounted with a metal baseplate stating the name of the car, scale and a 7600 series model number that probably represents the year 1976. Six of the 7600 series models are depicted herein and presumably no others exist. Comparing the Colt Galant from Tomica and Winner reveals the difference in quality. Unique features to the Winner casting are the rear view mirror and windshield wipers.

A 7700 series was comprised of F1 race cars. These were titled "Sport Car Fastest Wheels and the blister card indicates "No. 7711-7716". I have no additional evidence of this series except for reading about a Shadow racer with model number 7716. The BRM features speed type wheels and a metal baseplate. A doll driver is positioned to the driver's seat.

Toyota LB2000GT #7606

Mitsubishi Galant HT GS #7605

Toyota New Crown #7604

Opel Commodore GS #7602

Mercedes-Benz 250CE #7601

Isuzu 117 Coupe #7603

Lastly, under the "Super Racer" label was a 7800 series F1 race cars. The blister card identifies "No. 7821-24". These are slightly larger than a typical small-scale diecast measuring approximately 3-_ inches in length. I suspect these are over 1:50 scale. Baseplates are plastic.

Twelve other Winner castings may have been manufactured. Assuming the last two digits of the number sequencing system was realized in model form. These would be 7607-7613 (or 7707-7713) and 7715-7720 (or 7815-7820). If anyone has knowledge about these or other models not mentioned, please contact me. I am presently looking for more Winner models and would appreciate your input.

BRM F1 #7714

Tyrrell F1 #7821

Lotus F1 #7823

Ferrari F1 #7822

Elf F1 #7824

Mitsubishi Colt Galant
Winner (left), Tomica (right)

Mitsubishi Colt Galant
Winner (left), Tomica (right)

Mitsubishi Colt Galant
Winner (left), Tomica (right)


by Kimmo Sahakangas

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