Sotheby's To Sell Malcolm Forbes Toy Soldier and Toy Boat Collection in New York

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Catalogue CoverThe Malcolm Forbes toy soldier and tin boat collection at the Forbes New York Gallery, which I wrote about in an earlier blog article, will be sold at auction by Sotheby's in New York on December 17 2010.






Part of Land of Counterpane

Part of "Land of Counterpane" Display


This fabulous collection,which was on display at the Forbes Gallery in New York City for many years, features several thousand toy and model soldiers, including figures by Courtenay, Vertunni, Britain, Heyde, Ochel and many other makers.The tin boats include many superb models by top makers, among them Marklin, Fleischmann, Bing and Carette.


Royal Personality Figures

Royal Personality Figures by Vertunni and Courtenay. In the Foreground, Courtenay Tournament Knights

To order catalogues or to get further information, contact Sotheby's at +1 212- 606-7000; or e-mail Courtney Bird at: [email protected]


Catalogue Cover

Catalogue Cover with Part of Toy Boat Collection

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