Why Funko Plushes are Awesome!

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Here at Radar Toys we are not fanatical collectors of plush toys. We much prefer articulate action figures and awesome strategy board games. Agricola, anyone? However, once in a while a company comes out with something that is just too darn adorable in the world of plush toys, that we can't resist. We've fallen victim to many-a-superb Pokemon plushies over the years, but this time around the winning hand belongs to a company called Funko.

Funko has been on the steady rise the last couple of years, producing bobble heads, vinyl inspired figures, and outstanding plush toys. Funko's awesome success is due their ability to secure licensing rights to some of the greatest franchises. From DC Universe to Star Wars to Lord of the Rings --- Funko has products of some of the most revered characters in nostalgia-land. Enough talk, let's look at some pictures of their great plushies. Here are a few of the house favorites at Radar:

As you can see, the detail is great, the materials are outstanding, and they did a great job capturing each character's likeness. We love collectibles and toys of characters that are sometimes considered as subsidiary characters. Penguin, anyone? Funko has done very well with their line of plushies the last few years and things look poised to continue for the them. These days, the question is not should we buy some, but how many? If you don't know much about the world of plush, you could do no better than starting here. Thanks Funko, for keeping great collectibles and toys coming.

--- Radar Toys

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