Volvo Wagons Roll On

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 This poster of Volvo Wagons inspired me to take images of all my small-scale Volvo Wagons.


 Corgi Junior 246 Wagon.


 Majorette 246 Wagon


 Yat Ming Volvo 850 Wagon


Hongwell Volvo 850 Wagon


 Hongwell Volvo V80 Wagon


Siku V70 Wagon


 Majorette XC 70 Wagon

Now, would someone please give us the 1800ES Sport Wagon!


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mike64 on June 30, 2011


Hello Doug and thanks so much for all your hard work on Tales of Toy Cars over many years.

I like your line-up of Volvo wagons and just wanted to mention a few you haven't pictured. Sadly my 1:55/1:64 car collection is tidied away in big boxes at the moment so I can't take any photos, but I'd like to add to your line-up the Corgi Juniors version from the mid 1980s that had the rally livery and a black roofrack. You picture the rather good Majorette XC90. This car was also modelled by Hongwell, Matchbox and Maisto. Interestingly, I have just returned from a trip to France where I picked up a model not of the XC90, but the XC60 - the only example of this derivative I know of in "our scale". The model came with a speedboat on a trailer and is branded with the cheerful chuckling red hippopotamus logo of German distributor Dickie. There is even a "DKI 1" model number on the baseplate. I wonder who the (presumably Asian) manufacturer is (possibly Pioneer or Summer)? The model is 85mm in length (including tow hook). I'm off on my pilgrimage to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend, but will post a photo of the XC60 when I return next week. I'd be very interested to know if any other collectors know who the manufacturer is, or of any other unusual Volvo derivatives out there to collect....

Just out of interest, perhaps other collectors could nominate their favourite small-scale Volvo - mine would be the Lone Star/Impy P1800 from the 60s. The ones I'd most like to add to my collection are the Playart 164 and 343, but I've never even seen them! Another rarity to keep an eye out for is Lone Star's crude but strangely evocative 264 Coupé from the '70s.

Best wishes to everyone:-)
caapa on June 19, 2011


It`s a nice poster ! As I see there are all the 5 doors wagons lined up. I miss the 3 doors ones: P1800 ES Wagon and the 480 ES. While these ones are more sportcar-like for a wagon, but more wagon-like for a sportscar. I don`t know is there any model of the P1800 ES Wagon in this scale but Matchbox made the 480 ES !
D:/Képek/Kisautók/volvo 480 ES MB 3
BTW the nickname of P 1800 ES Wagon was "Sleeping Beauties Coffin"
I would like to see a picture of the model too. Mostly to have one !
ThreewheelsGood on June 15, 2011


Good luck with your request, I hope someone makes your dreams come true. It is always worthwhile photographing your models for lots of reasons. The only problem is, the longer you leave it the more work there is to do!
But thank you for your excellent contribution, it was a pleasure to view some of your model Volvo's
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