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After my recent addition of the 7th generation of the Volkswagen Golf, I thought it might be a good idea to follow up on the stories about the Fiat 500 and Peugeot 206 with an overview of Golfs in small scale. I would like emphasis from the onset that my overview is far from complete. I would be grateful if you can add to the story.

The story of the Volkswagen Golf cannot be told without mentioning the beetle, an overview cadidate in it's own right. The beetle was a hugely succesful car for Volkswagen (and as many know it was in fact their first car) and was at the time of the development of the Golf the most produced car in the world. Before the Golf was developed, VW believed in a one type philosophy. They made a dramatic turn on that thought indeed as VW tries to make cars in every conceivable market segment nowadays. The Golf was introduced in 1974 as the first front wheel drive car of the company. The Volkswagen company had looked well at the competition and was one of the most succesfull early adaptors of the hatchback, which nowadays is common in a class of cars some call the Golf-class. It's succes was as big with the public as it was with toy makers.


This Mark 1 Golf was made by Norev. Other companies to offer the first generation Golf include Siku, Majorette, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Tomica, Maisto, AHC and probably even more.

The first generation Golf marked the birth of the hot hatch (though Simca's 1100Ti could also be called the first hot hatch) which was a hit by toy makers and the general public.


This Golf Mk. I GTI was done by Kyosho.

Other versions of the Golf include a convertible and a pickup utility vehicle called the Caddy. Both were done by SIKU.

In 1983 the second generation of the Golf was presented. This car was also recreated by many toy makers. Especially the GTI-version was well loved.

afbeelding afbeelding afbeelding

(left to right: Hot Wheels, Majorette, Welly)

Recently, Tomica offered one of the best small scale replica's of the second generation Golf in this scale:


In 1993 the third generation came to the market and was also duly done in small scale.


This Guisval version was one of a number of replica's. SIKU, Majorette.

In 1997 the 4th generation was introduced. Small scale versions of the 4th generation were done by SIKU, Majorette and Welly. It seems I never made pictures of these. Maisto only offered a convertible version, SIKU offered both a convertible and hatchback version of the car

In 2004 the world saw the quite succesful 5th generation.

afbeelding afbeelding afbeelding

(from left to right: Matchbox, Norev, Realtoy)

afbeelding afbeelding afbeelding

(from left to right: Welly, Majorette, Hot Wheels)

afbeelding afbeelding

(left: Jada, right: Kyosho)

The GTI version was well loved in this generation, though one R32 version was also done.

In 2008 the 6th generation of the Golf was introduced and was recreated by Norev and SIKU.

afbeelding afbeelding afbeelding

(from left to right: SIKU, Norev City, Norev Minijet).

In fact, as you can see, Norev made 2 versions of the 6th generation of the Golf. In 2013 the seventh generation was presented. To date only one manufacturer made this in 1:64 scale:


Rietze made this plastic Volkswagen Golf Mk VII. It is an (almost) completely plastic reproduction with a pullback engine. It is one of the few toy cars still made in Europe and marked the first 1:64 model of Rietze.

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