Visit to Kempton Steam Museum in London

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I recently visited the great Steam Engines in Kempton and managed to take a few pictures...

We found that there was still a triple steam expansion engine which was in working order. Definately worth a visit...

There was an excellent display by Peter Wicker at the recent small Bayko show, with slide shows of large Bayko models, turntables with 2 nice pre-war models and a large pre-war house.

Above: Turntable with 2 pre war models

There was also a collection of Lotts bricks, Houses of Parliament, and Baykoboy's Country Club made from rare pre-war materials

Above: BaykoBoy's Country Club

Also, there was the Plimpton Raceway with Lego go-karts and Meccano dragsters, next to self build areas by Bayko and Lotts.

Above: Bayko Coronation Village


....Christian and family came along and had a great time!

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