Vintage Toys in Ghent - a pleasant surprise

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We recently met friends in Ghent, Belgium which was very worthwhile.  Not only was their a flea market on where i bought some 30 Viewmaster reels but also found "Toys & Things" which was a shop in the Antiek-Depot.  Great choice, not only in the shop but through the depot as well which consisted of other antique dealers.

After spending maybe an hour there I promised that I would now be good which meant that I could not properly check out the next shop I found.  The Fallen Angels seems to have some great stuff which a look at their website later confirmed.  I will have to come back!

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RVREVO on October 02, 2012


the blue BMW F1 racer in the top photo is the second one I've seen in a very long time. My Tekno is white. Its an awesome model and am still unsure what scale it is, but I suspect its 1/8th or 1/12th.
Joschik on May 13, 2012


Sorry, I have no idea; will check when I go back ;-)
ModelCarFreak on May 13, 2012


Cool! What is that model behind the Praemeta on the 4th picture?
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