Ugly Toys Competition!

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I don't normally blog about stuff I've set up elsewhere on the site, but just this once I'm going to break my own rule because I'm so pleased with the idea for this new competition! I've just launched a new competition over in the Competitions Section - this one's for ugly toys!

The idea came from the Maidenhead Static Model Club and is very simple - he or she who has the toy deemed ugliest wins! It's an ongoing contest, open to any type of toy, as long as it's scarily hideous! For example,  here are my vintage clockwork chattering teeth...

They look much better in the picture than in person actually. They're pretty ancient. And yellowed. Turns out camera flash is FAR better than toothpaste at whitening...

Anyways, come on over and post that one item in your collection which you keep hidden in the cupboard for fear that it'll scare visiting children...



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GunnerJim on April 23, 2009

Chattering clincher

I wont be going to that dentist that is for sure.
Nobleco on March 21, 2009

Great Start

Good comic gag item, was very popular when the first came out but wore off fairly fast. Still iconic for the era of the late '50s. Lets see more here. I am looking but don't think I have any ugly toys.
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