Toy Supercars of the 1960's

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The following article was initially published in February 2004.

Aston Martin DB5 - Johnny Lightning
0-60 8.1 sec., top speed 141 mph

Many consider that the supercar truly came of age in the 1960's. In this our third review of of the world's most desired cars, a few changes have been made.
" In the 1950's, they had to be able to exceed 125 mph. In the 1960's, 140 became the benchmark with a bump to 150 for the gas-starved 1970's. For the 1980's, top speed of 170 was required, moving to 180 for the 1990's and 190 mph or more for the supercars of today. While these numbers narrow the field, they are not the final determining factor. A true supercar is more than the sum of it's parts."

Several readers sent e-mails with suggestions for additional considerations or critiques of the models selected. This response is both expected and desired. In order to clarify the choices for the 1960's, 0-60 and top speed numbers have been added for each car. While 140 mph is the benchmark noted for the 1960's, several cars were added that could not reach this speed. The Jensen Interceptor FF deserves inclusion as the first to offer all-wheel drive on a sport/GT as well as plenty of power and style. The Toyota 2000GT was the first Japanese 'supercar' and is recognized as such by collectors. Arriving in any of the cars shown below was an immediate sign of membership in the 'Jet Set'. Some models like the Ferrari 250 LM and Ford GT40 were only offered to a lucky few as street wheels in order to qualify the model for GT racing. All cars shown here were introduced in the years 1960-69 although many continued in production into the next decade.
The 'missing' list below the images is for the most part the lesser-known models of '60's supercars. One glaring exception is the Maserati Ghibli. The Ghibli is considered by many to be Maserati's best and most beautiful model. How it comes to be on the missing list after 35 years is one of the great mysteries of 1:64 scale. It is also interesting to see how many of the cars shown here are the single example to ever be offered in 1:64 scale. Hot Wheels has done well producing vintage racers. Perhaps another toy car maker might take advantage of the need to better represent the supercars of the 1960's.


Aston Martin DB6 - Husky
0-60 6.5 sec., top speed 148 mph

Aston Martin DBS - Corgi
0-60 8.6 sec., top speed 148 mph


Alfa Romeo Montreal - Siku
0-60 7.6 sec., top speed 139 mph

Chevrolet Corvette - Hot Wheels
0-60 5.9 sec., top speed 142 mph


Chevrolet Corvette - Johnny Lightning
0-60 7.0 sec., top speed 144 mph


De Tomaso Mangusta - Aurora Cigar Box
0-60 6.0 sec., top speed 150 mph


Ferrari 250 Berlinetta Lusso - Matchbox
0-60 8.2 sec., top speed 150 mph


Ferrari 250 GTO - Maisto
0-60 5.6 sec., top speed 155 mph


Ferrari 250 LM - Speedy
0-60 5.0 sec., top speed 165 mph


Ferrari 275 GTB - Siku (Hungary)
0-60 6.2 sec., top speed 155 mph


Dino 246 GT - Ertl
0-60 7.4 sec., top speed 148 mph


Ferrari 365 GT Daytona - Hot Wheels
0-60 6.1 sec., top speed 171 mph


Ford GT40 - Matchbox
0-60 4.3 sec., top speed 175 mph


Iso Rivolta - Penny
0-60 7.7 sec., top speed 144 mph


Iso Grifo - Matchbox
0-60 6.4 sec., top speed 153 mph


Jaguar 'E' type Roadster - Johnny Lightning
0-60 6.8 sec., top speed 150 mph

Jensen Interceptor FF - Playart
0-60 7.6 sec., top speed 126 mph


Maserati 3500 GT - Penny
0-60 7.2 sec., top speed 146 mph


Maserati Mistral - Penny
0-60 6.7 sec., top speed 152 mph


Maserati Indy - Buby
0-60 6.5 sec., top speed 165 mph


Porsche 904 - Aurora Cigar Box
0-60 5.5 sec., top speed 157 mph


Shelby Cobra 427 - Matchbox
0-60 4.3 sec., top speed 165 mph


Toyota 2000GT - Tomica
0-60 9.9 sec., top speed 128 mph

- Lamborghini Miura - Matchbox
0-60 4.5 sec., top speed 177 mph

- Lamborghini 400 GT Espada - Siku (Hungary)
0-60 6.6 sec., top speed 151 mph

Missing in 1:64 scale
Facel Vega Facel II
Bizzarrini GT Strada 5300
Ferrari 330 GT 2+2
Ferrari 275 GTS
Ferrari 500 Superfast
Lamborghini 400 GT
Ferrari 330/365 GTC/S
Maserati Ghibli
Ferrari 365 GT 2+2
Monteverdi 375
Iso Lele

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