Tomica Forklift

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Tomica forklift FD30( capacity of 3 ton,diesel engine) is model of forklift oldest ever made tomica was published in may 1973 and ended in sepetember 1979.For  scale 1:1 it's still production , unfortunately no longer produced anymore. Tomica FDmodel that has been updated

And then model toyota forklift FD200 (capacity 20 tons ) was published in 1978 and ended in 2006

Photos of toyota forklift FD 200 with variation box

4 years after discontinue the models of forklift , in 2010 tomica was produced forklift , models was name

Toyota Hybrid Geneo

comparasion  3 models of forklift tomica ever made

The models have a base plate,casting diecast body.For the forklift was still plastic material

Only komatsu FD30 has higher lifting capacity.From the miniature size of the tomica,Komatsu FD30 with toyota geneo hybrid has dimensions almost the same 1/56 to 1/60

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