Tomica CN series is tomica reguler too?

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Realeased at July 2011 this series have 4 models CN01 Toyota camry,CN03 Mitsubishishi EVO X , CN05 and CN06 Nissan farilady Z , i don't know why tomica not produced CN02 and CN 04 at same time .  according to the news i heard CN02 and CN04 are  taxi toyota camry and mitsubishi evo x police Hong kong.

CN series is only sale in the market china , hong kong and southeast asia , this series is not on sale in japan in general market.

I will show different scale of CN series between tomica reguler standart
Nissan fairlady Z CN series have 1/62 scale amd reguler tomica have 1/57 scale with opening door

Different scale too between CN03 series mitsubishi evo x 1/64 and tomica reguler #67 Mitsubishi evo X 1/61 scale
CN price at indonesian market selleing price 30% cheaper than reguler tomica.

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