Tin Trucks and Tractors.

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Tin toys or should one now say Tin-plastic toys.
Tonka crane and low-loader. Tonka would almost be a household name when it comes to tin-plate pressed toys.

Tractor and trailer.

Front in-loader.

Wrecker or tow truck

Off road dump trucks Muscle Machines and Nylint.

What is left of the car carrier lost the trailer over the years.

BuddyL Off road dump truck kangaroo hunter.

Clover mix. The one on the right tin chassis the rest is tough plastic.

Matchbox trying to have tin toys. The firer-engine although mainly plastic it has tin bell.

Muscle Machines, tin rapped around plastic type is becoming the main theme these days.

Remco back hoe and off road dumper which  is mainly all plastic and was a remote control type.

Cookie or biscuit and a lolly tin toy containers made in China that are starting to show up on some antique dealers shelves and have a price tag of about $10.

Midget Tonka's bob cat and traxcavator.

I picked up this Rough Country at the Sunday Market last month and this has been added to my collection of dump trucks. Worldbond 1986 Hong Kong registered company. Truck made in China and packaged in Hong Kong. Length 150 x 55 wide x 65 high. Torco is written on the wheels.

Most of these toys were kept in the Toy Box in the garden shed for the grandchildren to play with, although some of the early Tonka's are now being stored away for a rainy day, as computer games have won the day. The crane and the tractor trailer is what is left from my own children when the boys were young.

Anyone else got some tin toys from their past and wish to share on Toy Collector then please do so.


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