The Settlers of Catan -- The greatest game that you've never heard of!

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There are enormous amounts of board games that make a quick splash onto the scene and then disappear quietly into the night, like an sulking beaver or any number of furry rodents. (I'll pause here for a brief moment of applause for that sweet metaphor. Thank you.) 

A true board game classic comes by only once in a decade or so and has to contain some great, creative element, that keeps it accessible and re-playable. Monopoly is a fantastic classic because it contains chance, franchise building and a world that affects all participants. Risk is a classic because it involves strategy, chance and action turns. These board games have become legend because of their high replay value, their accessibility to any generation, and their depth in strategy options mixed together with a healthy amount of chance and good luck. 

It takes a lot to become a great, certified classic board game these days. To most shoppers, the board game department has been looking mighty bleak for a dozen years now. With video games dominating the market and the attention of all spectrum's of the family, it's no surprise that board games have to work extra hard to earn any kind of play time. Especially when it comes to family time. However, where others have fallen, one game stands alone and proud, and that game is The Settlers of Catan.

Everything about The Settlers of Catan will have you reaching back into your bag of old strategy tricks, and then finding some new ones. It's simultaneously like everything you played, and yet unlike anything you've ever played. It has great accessibility for all ages, and is not geared for any specific gender. So how about some details then? What makes The Settlers of Catan so darn great already?

Cataan is a game about cultivating resources and strategically growing the prosperity of your settlers. You are playing against other people, yet unlike Monopoly you don't have to grind them to dust to become victorious. It's interesting fun just watching people's communities grow according to their actions. There is lots of action involved among the players bartering for trades, and looking for good real estate. It's fun to see how valuable something is, according to who needs and wants it. Who's building armies, and who's building roads? It's seriously addictive fun. One thing that's great about Catan is seeing someone step out of their typical board game comfort zone, and experience something new and fresh. Expect them to remark that they haven't had that much fun playing a board game in ages. 

The Settlers of Catan has become wildly successful, selling more than 15 million copies. To put that in perspective, that is more copies than the video game Halo 3, which nearly everybody knows about. It has been translated into over 30 languages. To put it mildly, its a big deal globally. 

If you want to try something new on a Sunday night, you could do no better than The Settlers of Cataan. Give it a whirl, and don't be surprised when Sunday night becomes "Catan" night. There are even several expansion packs that you can get, adding to the story and the world of Catan. This truly is the best board game that you've never heard of. If you want to buy The Settlers of Catan, you can do so here. We keep the best price on the internet for two reasons: we love this game, and we want to share how great it is with the world.

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