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For many car and toy car enthusiasts, certain rare cars are better known in toy car form as the chances of ever seeing the real car are remote. When you think of the Bugatti Royale Coupe de Ville do you see the real car or Tomica's miniature version? When you think of the Duesenberg SSJ is it the beautiful 1:64 Racing Champions model that comes to mind? How about the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham (Hot Wheels), Monteverdi Hai (Matchbox) or McLaren F1 (MicroChamps and Pioneer)?

One such car for me has been the Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe Speciale. Husky did this car, labeled a Ferrari Berlinetta 250 GT. While I assumed the real car existed, I certainly did not expect to ever see one. All that changed with a recent trip to the 2004 Pebble Beach Councors in Monterey, California. Ferrari was the featured marque along with Rolls Royce and Hispano Suiza. I saw favorites like the original Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and the 2003 Formula 1 Ferrari driven by Michael Schumacher to 5 victories. Then, as I strolled along, I saw a familiar shape. The colors were different but the shape was clearly the same as the little Husky 250 GT I know so well.


The real car is beautiful and reminds me of the still-born Jaguar XJ13 (Hot Wheels), which I saw in England in 1990. With the chromed trumpets of the mid-engine V12 shining like the brass section of a symphony orchestra, I can imagine the beautiful music they make. The two-seat interior is simple but stylish, reflecting the racing heritage of the 250 LM that won Le Mans in 1965. With the blue racing stripes on white, one can't help compare this shape to the original Ford GT40, of course done by Matchbox in these same colors. The dark red Husky model of this car is an excellent likeness. All the key features are there, right down to the beautiful chromed velocity stacks.

When I think of the 250GT Pininfarina Coupe Speciale in future which one will I see first, the Husky or the real thing? It does not really matter as either one will bring a smile and pleasant memories. Of course, the Husky is always just behind me on the shelf.


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