The P.S. Tantallon Castle - a Fine Vessel & a Fine Model

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In July 2008 we sold this extremely rare and fine builder's mirror-backed half model of the passenger paddle steamer Tantallon Castle.

Prior to that the vessel had an astonishing four other names - the ex-Westonia, the ex-Rhos Colwyn, the ex-Sussex Belle and the ex-Tintern.

It was built for the Galloway Saloon Steam Packet Company by J Scott at Kinghorn, Fife, 1889 with carved hull painted pink below the waterline and lavender grey over, decorated paddle box with feathering wheel, lined deck and superstructure complete with silvered fittings and twin raked stayed funnels in company livery, mounted on a front-silvered mirror with angled end mirrors and builder's plate within mahogany display case for wall hanging 23 x 68½ x 11in. (58.5 x 174 x 28cm.)

Built for the Galloway Saloon Steam Packet Company and serving the Firth of Forth, Scotland, in 1901 she was stationed at Brighton as the P.S. Sussex Belle, under the ownership of Captain Lee. By 1902 she was registered with the Sussex Steam Packet Co. but by the end of her first season she was sold for service in North Wales and renamed P.S. Rhos Colwyn. The emerging Barry Railway Company purchased her in 1905, and she was renamed again as the P.S. Westonia where she operated mainly on the Cardiff-Weston ferry. She remained with the railway company until 1910 until her sale to P & A Campbell at the end of 1911 who reboilered her. Emerging with one funnel instead of two and now renamed P.S. Tintern, she only worked for the 1912 season in the Campbell fleet before being sold for use in Portugal, surviving there until 1929.

The model sold for £9,600 (incl. Buyer's Premium).

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