The Eagle Transporter diorama shot

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This article was taken from my Sci-Fi and Fantasy Models book.  It's amazing how Paul Gilbert of Margate, Kent took this shot using an old and damaged Airfix Space 1999 Eagle Transporter kit.

Originally, Paul had 2 Eagle kits lying broken at the bottom of his spares box for many years.  He managed to salvage enough "good bits" to complete one model and using what was left over to create the wrecked craft seen lying on the moon's surface in the shot below.

The hovering Eagle was supported by two individual strands of wire carefully plucked from a multi-strand electrical cable. The original photograph was taken using a wide angle lens which helped give the model landscape more natural sense of depth.


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Joschik on February 22, 2008


Love it, more detailed pictures would be great.
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