The Beauty in the Beast of B Engineering Edonis

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By Tommy Novel Armansyah


Launched on January 1, 2001, the Edonis is designed by the team headed up by Nicola Materazzi (formerly with Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati & Bugatti) and Marc de Champs to boast the skills of B Engineering, a consultancy company run by Jean Marc Borel (hence the B) which operate in part of the old Bugatti factory at Campogalliano near Modena.

The Edonis connection with Bugatti did not stop there, as only 21 Edonis are going to be made, because the car has its roots in the Bugatti EB110. When the latter company ceased its EB110 production, 21 carbon-fiber chassis tubs which was developed expensively in collaboration with Aerospatiale, remained unused. Lightly modified, these tubs form the basis of the Edonis, complete with double-wishbone suspension all round. The body is an all new hand crafted aluminum with an outstanding drag-coefficient of just 0.32 and a small amount of downforce at speed.

V12 720bhp

The Edonis uses the same V12 engine as found in the Bugatti EB110 modified by replacing the four turbos of the EB110 by two variable geometry IHI units (providing 2.5 bar of boost), which require a complete revision of the inlet, exhaust and cooling systems. Bore and stroke are slightly increased, to give a final capacity of 3760cc. The development car had 680bhp, but 720 is claimed for the customer. The engine retains its four camshafts (two per bank), aluminum cylinder heads and five valves per cylinder. Another significant change from the EB110 is the use of rear-wheel drive (as opposed to the 4WD used on the Bugatti) although a six-speed gearbox still transmits the power. The tires of the Edonis are specifically designed by Michelin. The tires use a system invented by Michelin, the called PAX System. The PAX System, the future tire standard, offers the Edonis the full range of its high-performance technology: because of its shorter sidewalls, road holding, especially when cornering, and high speed precision driving are all considerably improved. PAX System will thus provide Edonis with superior handling qualities, while proving more pleasant to drive. The combination of power and relatively light weight (1500kg) provide scintillating (claimed, not tested) performance, with 0-100kph in 4.0 seconds and a top speed of 227mph.

Hot Wheels brought the Edonis in 1:64 Scale

Nominated as one of the 2004 Toy Cars of the Year, Hot Wheels' B Engineering Edonis is a real beauty. It has detailed interior, smoked windows, correct lines and shape, correct wheels. It is painted in gold like its full sized siblings, a good tradition done by Hot Wheels to its First Editions line. The B Engineering Edonis is another welcome addition to Hot Wheels list of European super car following Zender Fact-4 of the 80's and more recently, the Bugatti Veyron.


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