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For generations, people have collected model trains in hopes that their collection would be passed down from one family to the next. And this vision has held true to most collectors, as their train sets live on in the homes of their families. Whether the collectible trains sit on a fire mantel, glide around the Christmas tree each year or simply sit perfectly on a shelf in a child’s room, these sets continue to tell a story of generations past.

Whether you’ve just started collecting trains or are looking to update your collection with something new, Teeny Trains may be the perfect way to spruce up your anthology. Teeny Trains are known for being the world-smallest trains and they are powered by IDL Motors. IDL Motors specializes in thin and ultra-thin radial and linear motors and has received over 120 patents to date. With these quality motors, you know that Teeny Trains have extreme power and are quality made.

But it’s not just the powerful motors that make these magnetically propelled model trains unique. Although small, these miniature trains do not lack in detail. In fact, you can study these trains over and over again, only to find new details each time. For example, the Nano Christmas sets include flashing LED lights on the trees, as well as hand wrapped foil packages. The Mountain Transport sets include miniature cars and taxi cabs that exude the utmost precision and detail for endless hours of entertainment.

Small and mighty, these collectible trains are made from silver and come secured in Styrofoam nests and decorative boxes. This makes the miniature trains easy to store, while keeping them protected at the same time. However, the smart design of these world-smallest, magnetically propelled trains makes it possible to keep them out year-round. The Ghost Nano Express Train and the Nano Mountain Transport for example, are featured in hand-blown glass domes that keep the contents protected from dust and debris. The glass dome is perfect for viewing the model trains; enjoying the movement and sounds they have to offer.

In order to make the collectible trains as unique as possible, some of the sets are powered by random electronics, meaning that the cars move unexpectedly. These unpredictable patterns make the miniature trains even more enjoyable to watch and will keep visitors and grandchildren excited to view the collection. Of course, no sophisticated train set would be complete without authentic sound effects. These magnetically propelled collectible trains feature locomotive sounds that can be silenced for a quiet operation. 

If you’re interested in expanding your model trains collection, look no further than the exclusive sets offered through Teeny Trains. Powered by IDL Motors and radiating the finest quality details, sound and movement, you’ll never get bored with these collectibles. And, they leave room for those that enjoy building their own train tracks, as the Teeny Track includes assorted track pieces and a power adapter. More importantly, you will be building a lifelong collection that is made right here in the USA.

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