Superheroes of Japanese production

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Big XAfter the WWII, the world witnessed an amazing economic growth in Japan. Given the forced demilitarization, production facilities had to concentrate on other goods to produce. Many Japanese institutions played a role by supporting domestic producers in international business expansion while restricting foreign investments.‚   Soon, Japanese industrial sector was the second largest around the world, supplying other nations with high quality goods.


Toys were no exeption to this - on the following pictures you will see some fine examples of Japanese production in the post-occupation era. They are strongly influenced by manga - the Japanese comics - and American culture, which marked a strong presence in the country since the occupation.

Atom Speed Boat

Atom (or Astro Boy) Boat

Bullmark diecast robot

Bullmark Diecast Robot

Blazer Cycle

Blazer Cycle with box

Character Trike

Character Trike with box

Gekko Kamen Plane

Gekko Kamen Plane with box

Jetta Marus

Jetta Marus figure

Ohgon Bat Sand Pail

Ohgon Bat Sand Pail

Spectra Man Saucer

Spectra Man Saucer

Tank and Monsters

Tank and Monsters with box


For more pictures see the gallery here.

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