Studebaker Pickup Trucks in small scale

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Studebaker Brothers began making commercial vehicles in 1852 in South Bend, Indiana . Production included the famed Conestoga Wagons that were used to transport the pioneer families  that traveled Westward .  It was not until  after Studebaker began producing automobiles at the beginning of te 20th Century, that  their manufacture of trucks began .

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                     1937  by Yat Ming                  1954 by M2 Machines            1954 by M2 Machines

                                     Above photos by Zach Morecraft

This activity subsequently led to the introduction of their light weight pickup trucks which began in 1937. Two types were introduced . The less expensive  Express  Delivery  consisted of a beefed up car body and chassis that had the rear trunk lid removed so a metal box could be fitted into the open area.  The more expensive  vehicles were called Coupe  Deliveries.  These vehicles consisted of  the front end of the car
which was joined to the rear portion of  a pickup truck body. This design  still resembles the  pickup trucks  that are produced  at the present time.

Prior to the 1940s,  production innovation led to the introduction of  the  K2 and M5 models .  The latter  is considered to be the first real Studebaker produced truck body . Studebaker continued  providing  pickup trucks  after WWII .  Some of their designs reverted back to the use of  car bodies as well.  These include the Scotsman , Starlight  and subsequently  introduced  Champ that  fit this category . But unfortunately , even with all their innovative designs and models , this firm ceased  operations in 1966.

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       1953  Starlite express                            1959 Scotsman         1940 Champion Express Delivery   

                              Photos compliments of Shrock Brothers at   

Models in small scale being  considered for this article range from the larger 1:55 to a slightly smaller size than 3 inches ;  1:72 scale. Until recently , models in this range were not plentiful  for the collector ; except
the  limited  editions from Shrock Brothers which were cast in pewter.  The Shrocks are located in Coalport, Pennsylvania  (  .   The recent introduction of Studebaker truck models by  Castline/ M2 Machines  leads us to now provide a review of all known models replicating  pickup  trucks  by  Studebaker.  

The following models/ toys are listed  in chronological  order  beginning with 1937.  We do not  claim to have included all replicas  in the above stated scale framework, But we have attempted to list all  that  are known by us to  have been  available;  now or previously .


* Shrock Brothers - Coupe Express

* Yat Ming - Coupe Express Pickup


* Shrock Brothers -  Coupe  Express / K10  Pickup


* Shrock Brothers - Coupe Express


* Shrock Brothers - Champion Express Delivery / M5  Pickup


* Shrock Brothers - Champ Coupe Delivery


* Shrock Brothers - Express Delivery


* Shrock Brothers - M5 Pickup  


* M2 Machines - Pickup Tow Truck  “Flames” Exclusive from Milezone Toys

* Shrock Brothers - 2R5 Pickup


* M2  Machines - Pickup  with snowplow


* Shrock Brothers - 2R5 Pickup


* Shrock Brothers - Starlight Express


* M2  Machines - Pickup / Tow Truck


* Shrock Brothers - E7 Pickup


* Shrock Brothers - E7 Pickup


* Shrock Brothers - 3E7  4x4  Pickup


* Shrock Brothers - 4x4 Pickup


* Shrock Brothers - Scotsman


* Johnny Lightning - Champ

* Shrock Brothers - Champ


* Shrock   Brothers - Champ   Stepside


* Hot Wheels - Champ: This has just been announced by Mattel for 2011. Unfortunately,  this model is a Modified Hot Rod

1964            Shrock Brothers         -    Champ Fleetside              

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Anyone has the Milezone Studebaker? I am interested to get those. Thanks. Please send me an email to [email protected]
DaveWeber on July 18, 2011


As mentioned above, the Hot Wheels Champ is now available and in real life does not appear as much of a Hot Rod as I previouysly thought it would be!
Plus Castline M2 Machines continues to produce additional models in the 1949-1964 range.
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