Special Kinder Eggs for Toy Collectors!

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I just saw this! Whatever next?!


Italian confectioners Ferrero have announced a new version of their Kinder Surprise Eggs which will target the vintage toy collector market.

Kinder eggs, which contain a plastic capsule with a toy inside have long been popular with children and some of the toys are now highly sought-after by collectors. But the new Collector Surprise Eggs will do things slightly differently.

Ferrero spokesman Fabrizio Moretti said, "We have realised that many collectors enjoy collecting the early Kinder Surprise Egg Toys. So we thought we would produce a special range of eggs for them."

However, the Collector Surprise Range won't, as you might imagine, feature re-issues of vintage Kinder Surprise toys. Instead, Moretti said, Ferrero plans to put antique collectable toys inside them.

"We will be sending our team out to antiques markets and collecting events all over Europe," he continued. "They will take with them one of our plastic egg capsules and look for old toys that will fit inside. When they find some, they will buy them and these are what collectors will get in a Collector Surprise Egg."

Moretti told  us that the Ferrero team members would be sure to only select good-quality toys so collectors would be sure to be happy with what they find inside their eggs.

"It could be a tiny toy car or a toy soldier or... anything that fits," he said. "But we will be sure that it is an item worth having in every egg."

The Collector Surprise Eggs will be wrapped in black and gold foil to resemble the company's famous Ferrero Rocher Chocolate line and to make sure that they are not confused with the company's regular line. Pricing details for the new eggs have not yet been announced.

This photo released by Ferrero shows a vintage Benbros Lorry with one of the famous Kinder Egg capsules, as an example of the sort of antique toys that will be found in the new Collector Surprise Egg range.



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GunnerJim on April 28, 2009

Kinder needs to have repaint.

Do you think we can get Nobleco to do some paint make-over on the Benbros tractor.
GunnerJim on April 28, 2009

I always fall for those April Fools days.

Those good old school days on April Fools day bringing it all back. Knock Knock who is there. Kinder! Kinder who? Kinder-ing you on again.
jclevering on April 28, 2009


I was busy with other things during that time. (wasn't it a bit obvious?)
Joschik on April 28, 2009

Damn, got me

I was looking forward to these!
Baskingshark on April 28, 2009


Got it in one, jclevering!

And it only took 27 days for someone to notice my AF entry!!!!
jclevering on April 28, 2009

1st of april

1st of april guys...
GunnerJim on April 03, 2009


Kinder surprise watch out eBay and other sites they may be on the hunt for those special items from Days Gone Bye or is that Buy. Well that is one I don't have to collect the Benbos Lorry will they put the log wagon inside too. Nice chocolate thou.
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