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by Raed Ammari

Toy cars business was booming in the late 60's to the late 70's and many of the manufacturers had their own unique casting, models, and finishing. Some where so good that they stayed in production for a long time.

In the 70's to the 80's, with the world's economy taking a different approach, and to lower production costs even more (at that time most of the toy cars where made in Hong Kong), toy manufacturers started looking for cheaper manufacturing in China. Many companies took to using existing casting instead of developing a new one, Edocar, Schuco and Polistil in Europe still uses models from different makers.

The latest company to do this is SOHBI ( which translate in Arabic to "friend/s"). They did that by using older molds, some from Zylmex, now part of the Motor Max brand. The interesting feature about their castings is that they re-designed the older models with a new suspension design similar to Majorette's set up. Some of the changes also came to the body, like the Jaguar 'E' type V12, got the US long bumpers and the Lancia Stratus got a clear rear window instead of the older louvered design. All the models have nice finishing with light blue glass and full interior (are you listening Maisto?).

The models list so far is:


I will try to complete the pictures when I get the other models.

These cars are worth taking a look at, and especially to compare the original cast and the new and slightly modified "upgraded" version. Please feel free to contact me at my email if you have more info about these cars, or if you wish to talk about cars.

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