SIKU - Rennwagen chassis

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Rennwagen chassis

SIKU is a German company and they have released a Formula 1 car model chassis called Rennwagen, which simply means a racing car. The scale is 1/55 so its slighlty bigger than Majorette or Hot Wheels and, as one can expect from a German manufacturer, is very solid and looks really nice. Its made from plastic mainly, has a driver, like Hot Wheels cars, and has one additional feature which makes it really special – its the rubber wheels!

Yes, real rubber tyres. With a tyre tread. This is a completely different story, isnt it? All other cars have plastic wheels, which have little traction and slide more or less on every surface. This car is the first one to actually have some grip! It will not spin around, but will run straight ahead and far away.

In my collection there are 3 cars with this chassis:

  • Car nr 4, all silver with no labels at all
  • Car nr 7, Motor Oil Speed Star Turbo, red
  • Car nr 5, Tv Sport Supra Touch Point, white and blue (slightly different than the other two, a little bit shorter)



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