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In 1985 my Dad bought a cheap little runabout for the final months we remained in Holland and were about to move back to New Zealand more permanently the second time. It was a '78 VW Passat and as an avid Veedub collector this was a great day for me. The car was red with a yellow bootlid. It had a few rust problems, but as we were leaving anyway that didn't matter.

I'm fairly sure Dad made a photo of it at my insistence, but have no idea where it is.

Three weeks ago another member added a Schuco VW Passat 5dr to his collection. That made me look for one myself in earnest. I felt it would justify my collection in a couple of ways: 1. I collect VWs and 2. We used to own one. I found this particular Schuco VW Passat almost immediately and a couple of hours later won it for 1 Euro. 

Granted that it would cost 15 Euros to get it from Germany to New Zealand, but I found the exact 2dr model we had in 1985. However, I am surprised that I was lucky enough to win this one for so little as Schuco's are sought after models which tend to fetch high values.

here's the kicker, unlike the 4dr this 2dr is actually quite rare.

Overall I'm very pleased with this model. The details are superb.

There's not much holding this model together. Just a pin on the back. So if need be I could always repaint it in the colours ours was.

Apparently two models are noted on the chassis, the LS, and the TS, and both specifications. Its funny to note that Siku did much the same. 

Hope you liked my show&tell

Kind Regards, Richard K

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RVREVO on May 22, 2011


bought a clockwork Schuco BMW Formula 1 car in a secondhand shop in Waiake/Torbay way back in 1988. Only cost a fiver but its still my favorite with working suspension and steering. The VW Passat was a fluke as another member Teebodyk mentioned the rarity of the VW Passat. Was fortunate with this one and its nice to add to the collection in this scale. Its unlikely I'll branch out into Schuco in the near future, more likely will try to add cars my family has owned in the past.
Carmagreviews on April 22, 2011


New Zealand is a dumping ground for old diecast as i said earlier 3 years after (1979) after Schuco died 1976 we could still buy new Schuco - The same thing happened in late 80s and i kick myself now - Before the Warehouse chain had a footing here THe Deka Stores were selling brand new Playart for around 79 cents as castings were mainly older cars and i was keen diecast collector of more modern machinery i passed on these wonderful little cars many to this day have unique castings! ( i now have around 20 Playarts but had to pay much higher prices for them) in early 2000s Code 3 Fire Engines in 1/43 scale were being sold for $10.00 and smaller GMC SUV for $2.99 Now these same vehicles fetch $60.00 Fire engines and up to $25 for the GMC SUV assets/smilies/smiley.gif+ (Blast...blast..blast..)
Carmagreviews on April 22, 2011


Nice car - I brought mine here in New Zealand new in 1979 - Unknown to me then Model Crafts and Hobbies based in Farrish Street where the Lido Cafe is now in Wellington New Zealand has pretty much the complete range of new 1/66 Schuco for sale - in those days thet were in the bubble pack unlike their earlier transperent box variety - _ Only ones NZ did not see was the new Taurus (cortina mk4 2 door saloon) the new Mercedes-Benz w123 ; Vw Polo and Opel Manta B
Schuco 1/66 came to New Zealand around 1973 and my first car was BMW 2800CS it cost $2.15 in those days a matchbox cost 55 cents so they were very expensive here by 1979 I think the price was $1.59 for bubble pack and matchbox was around $1.50 so they were competitive I brought the VW as discussed ; Taurus Fastback GXL GXK and serveral others I have around 38 in my collection assets/smilies/smiley.gif
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