Schuco Congratulates Audi on its Centenary: the Studio Line Auto Union Type C

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The Auto Union Silver Arrow racing cars have always been highly popular subjects for modelling. Since their 1934 debut, hundreds of models have been made of the cars in their many guises and stages of development and the fact that many wonderfully-detailed large scale replicas are still being made now is testament to the cars' legendary status.

However, one of the earliest models of the Type C cars was made, fittingly, by Germany's Schuco in the Studio Line. And even though it was originally issued more than fifty years ago, it staged a comeback recently as a strictly limited edition.


The Auto Union Type C


The 1936-7 Auto Union Type C represents the ultimate development of the V16 Silver Arrow racing cars.


Hans Stuck in a Type C

Having boosted the engine size to over six litres, Dr. Porsche managed to wring a mind-blowing 520bhp out of the cars, almost double that of the original Type A. However, while the increased power propelled the slippery silver cars along at even more dizzying speeds, it also made them even more difficult to control round corners, as the power was really too much for the front and rear suspension systems - and the tyre technology of the day - to handle. At the time, the cars' handling was blamed on the engine location - ironically, as it turns out, since their mid-engined design has since been hailed as optimal for creating good handling characteristics and has been universally adopted for Grand Prix cars.


Footage from the 1936 and 1937 Grands Prix, showing the Silver Arrows in action

Auto Union's two top drivers Bernd Rosemeyer and Hans Stuck both adapted to the cars' handling quirks admirably, however. Rosemeyer was World Champion in 1936, and Stuck came in in second place.


Schuco's Type C


The Schuco Auto Union Type C

Produced in a limited edition of just 1,000 in 2006, Schuco's Type C depicts Stuck's number 66 car, driven in the 1936 Le Mans race, to 1/24 scale.


The box shows the full-size car, with Stuck at the wheel.

Just like the magnificent original Schuco Studio model of the car, produced in the 1930s, this silver kit version comes with a choice of tyres for wet or dry weather, a jackstand, wheelbrace, hammer and spanners.


The contents of the limited edition re-issue box.

Like all the models in the Studio Line, it also features a separate crank handle to wind up the clockwork motor and working steering, all supplied in a very attractive linen-finish presentation box with replica Schuco brochure artwork.

To congratulate Audi on their centenary, Schuco has graciously donated the last one of these kits that they have to Audi's Toy Collector Charity Auction in aid of the Helen and Douglas House Hospice for Children and Young People. It's available in the forum here, alongside the models donated by Audi UK.


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