Scalextric and Hornby Release their Top products for 2011

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With the same old story of supply problems with Hornby and Scalextric in 2011, its pleasing that finally the year’s top releases are making their way to suppliers shelf’s in June.

Scalextric have released the MG MGB C3143 car, it’s one of the two top releases of the year. We are suitably impressed with the finish of the car. The interior is finishes very well as well as the external details. If you were looking to race the car then you may find it a little hard to get it anywhere near you lap records due to the very skinny tyres that are on the car. We wonder is Scalextric could have sacrificed a little scale details and fitted some wider tyres on the car, but that’s the double edged sword they have to play with. Collectors are looking for accurate scale and details and racers wanting track performance. We would say that with this car the collectors get the better deal with the MG.

Hornby Railmaster R8144 software was the most impressive piece of kit that we had the pleasure of seeing at Margate on our 2011 preview day way back in late January. What the software can offer any digital train user is so impressive and its simple and intuitive operating platform allows even kids to operate large layouts without any problems. We feel this software takes digital railway layouts to a whole new level and should be a must for anyone who has an elite controller. there are so many features that we could end up with a huge post so if you follow the link it will take you to our site and list the range of functions that the Railmaster software will open up on a Hornby digital layout.

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