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Hi Folks! Its Mj here, this will be my first of the first blog, i have no idea what a blog is so im here to find out!

Being Born in the midwest in 1965 Prime time for scale model model building, But i didnt find that out for a few years, in fact my Grandfather was into HO scale trains and that is what i started out with.....for a few years anyway.

That lasted till about 1972 or '73 i switched over to model car's, i remember my father (the one i grow up with) picked up a model 1940 Ford Pick up. that i was to brush paint for a 4-H event happing at a fair grounds by were we lived......

After painting it wrong ( I thought i was to paint each parts seppart) but as it turns out my dad wanted me to build each part and paint it as a whole per colors.........well after he picked up yet another model 1940 Ford Sedan Delievery and after i managed to paint that one right it went tot he fair grounds, i dont really remember what had happen back then, but the follwing Christmas i got all these cool model cars and truck kits! and i was hoooked!!!!!!!!and never looked back!! well sure when ever we was over at the grand parrents house i always checked out what grand dad was working on.............

Ok alittle fast forward! March 12 2010

Living in the northeast of Pa at the ripe old age of 44 (soon to be 45 ) I am still messing with plastic! BUT on a different level this time, and for the past 7 or so years i have been re-building old junker glue bomb kits or kits that should have been trashed years ago! but lucky! i have gotten my share of them to save over the years.........

I still also do alit of scratch building as well, and i do sorta build out of the box! ( yes theres other wasy to build then out of the box) try it some time! its alot of fun!


Gona try and fiqure out the pics here so i can share  some with ya's

Its the Orange body used to be an Original Convertible

Before picture


Here's what it looks like's now

After Photo


Here's another one more recent, got this body with out a roof or any A-pillers. so i grafted a resin 2dr post roof to it. Here's a durring

During restoration

Turn's out the Cowl Area couldnt be sanded down, so i replaced it with a 1966 Ford fairlane Cowl which i trimmed to fit. here it is in color

body in color


Here's a scratch built trailer i did called "HOT SHOT" Two car hauler



Here it is finished



Well that about does it! hope this is how we do it...........likei said i am new to this........


Write back!









Ok alittle fast forward now

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Baskingshark on March 14, 2010


Great builds! Am I right in thinking, though, that the rear deck on the fastback Mustang is shorter than on the convertible? I like the orange Mustang II too!
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