Sandown Park Collectors Fair May 2011 with Lots of Pics

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As usual, we went along to Sandown Park to check out the toy fair and promote the new marketplace (coming in just a few weeks now!) Lots of great stuff there as ever and a great time was had by all! Here are some pics!

Most of the toys were vintage, but there was plenty of modern high-detail stuff on show too!

Slot Cars...

...trains and prams!

Diecast and tinplate...

And even more diecast!

A detail from the above shot so you can see a little more closely what's there!

And a wider shot of the above detail shot!

I stopped by Vectis' stand and took a look at some of their upcoming auction items. Here are a few of them!

Early plane models & zeppelin:

Corgi, Dinky, early Scalextric & more:

 - LaToya

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GunnerJim on May 31, 2011


Thanks for sharing the pictures for us who may-not ever have the chance to get there.
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