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When I packed my suitcase to go to Brussels, I had no idea what to expect. I had never been in Belgium before, so there was a bit of excitement in it early from the beginning. Taking the Eurostar from London to Brussels early Saturday morning took me to Central Europe in nearly no time and I spent the rest of the day checking out Brussels and its numerous tourist attractions - and I even found two interesting toy shops while walking around (but I forgot to write down the names and addresses - Sorry about that!).

Getting ready for next day's big event I went to bed early and headed to Brussels' Kart Expo early in the morning on Sunday; the place where the 10th Edition of the Collect-Hit took place on the 3rd October 2010.

This year, over 250 exhibitors from more than ten different countries were taking part. The whole event was hosted by Thierry Le Clercq who has really done an amazing job organizing the event - a special thank you to you, Thierry!

Collect Hit Logo

The Logo of Collect-Hit, Brussels

Doors opened at 8:00am for the exhibitors and right from the early start it got really busy. Everybody wanted to set up their stands quickly and present the toys and models they brought with them. And as soon as their own stand was set up, it was time to check out what all the other exhibitors had to offer. Same for me; after setting up the ToyCollector stand, I started walking around and checking out the great things all the other exhibitors showed at their tables.

ToyCollector Stand

The ToyCollector Stand

At 10:00am doors opened officially and soon hundreds of collectors entered the hall, anxious to grab the best pieces before anyone else did!

Overview over the hall

The View from Above

For everyone that couldn't be there, the Collect-Hit in Brussels was split into four sections: Nostalgic Collection & Model Kit, B.D.-Comic-T.V., Barbie in Brussels and Books & Papers. Here are photos of some great pieces I found in Brussels.

Superman and Model Truck

Superman and a Early Diecast Truck

Set of Action Figures and Robots

Set of Action Figures and Robots

Tintin Figures

TinTin Figures

Looney Tunes  Disney Figures

Looney Tunes, Disney and Garfield Figures

Tinplate Bikers

Tinplate Motorcycles

Tinplate Cars

Tinplate Model Cars, including James Bond's Aston-martin, a VW T1, Cadillac and Steam Roller

Tinplate Zeppelins

Tinplate Zeppelins

Ancient Train and Waggons

An Ancient Train with two Wagons

Dinky Cars

Dinky, French Dinky, Gama, Corgi, Tekno and smaller-scale Tinplate Cars

Range of Modern Diecast Cars

Lots of Modern Diecast Cars

Michelin Citroen Cars

Michelin Citroen Diecast Cars

Unfortunately, the pictures I took of the Barbie & Doll as well as the Books & Papers section are in really bad quality, so I couldn't upload them. I am really sorry for that.

After meeting so many nice and cheerful people and having great conversations, the event ended at 4:00pm in the afternoon and everyone left happy knowing that way to Brussels was definitely worth it!


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trucker123 on January 06, 2011


Hello Gerry

When you were there was any bargins to begot I collecting trucks,construction,farm models ,
Also can you say when it on again who to get from the airport

Jerry on October 08, 2010


Nice article! I visited Brussel by myself last year and also enjoyed the city, it's a pity that I wasn't able to hunt for some hot stuff there >_<

Anyway what I see on the pics if definitivly worth a second trip to the city with the oldest frensh fries takeaway.

Thanks for the amazing review!
Joschik on October 07, 2010

Tinplate Zeppelins

Love the Zeppelins, will have to go next year
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