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It is striking that there are so many Formula 1 cars of Renault, though it cannot get even near the amount of cars of Ferrari in Formula 1.

The first Formula 1 car made by Renault was the RS01. It was the first F1 car to be powered by a turbocharged engine, a feature it would retain into the eighties when it stopped as a F1 car manufacturer. It was raced for 2 full seasons.

Scale model by "Elf" (no other marking appear)

The RS01 was followed up by the RS10:

Scale model by Elf

I am not aware of a RE20, but the RE30 was made

Scale model by Polistil

The RE30 was succeeded by the RE40

Scale Model by Elf

Of the subsequent cars RE50 and 60 I do not have any scale models. I am not aware they're made. Renault pulled out as a car manufacturer but remained as an engine supplier.

In 2002 it came back to F1 as a constructor by taking over the Benetton team, that could be traced back to the middle of the eighties as Toleman. The car they raced was the R202
Scale models by Universal Hobbies. A version was made by Norev as well. Note the subtle change.

The R202 was succeeded by the R23

Scale model by Hot Wheels. Most probably this is the R23 as no tobacco-advertising was allowed. Of course the Hot Wheels is a generic.

After the R23 the R24 and 25 appeared of which Hot Wheels made generic versions. The R26 was made by Kyosho recently:

Scale Model by Kyosho. Note the flaps and wings on the car.

The R26 was succeeded by the R27 and saw the introduction of a new sponsor:

Scale Model by Family Mart

Another hiatus in the form of the R28 is followed by the R29, a purpose made scale model.

Scale Model by Majorette

The R30 was not developed into a seperate casting, but Norev did create the below car with the correct print for the R30

Scale Model by Norev

Renault had difficulties in the market so decided to pull out of Formula 1 as a car manufacturer once again. Their last R31 was almost unrecognisable as the car had the Lotus livery.

Scale Model by Suntory


There are quite a lot of scale models of Formula 1 cars powered by Renault engines. This might be good for a new edition. This blogpost was previously publised on 3inchforum, a forum on cars of 3 inch length.

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