Peasants, Monks & Inspiration

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Medieval PeasantIn the coming blog entries I hope to introduce you to the figures in my series, some conversion possibilities and larger diorama projects. Whenever possible I will introduce some of the major reference material which has been an inspiration to me over the years. 

Two major sources for me have been the work of Anton Hoffman and F. Bahr.




Here Anton Hoffman's Peasant and Monks Scene


And here two of my figures with the same theme (not necessarily in sequence...)

It is believe that Hoffman has also be an inspiration for the great German flat figure engraver Franz Karl Mohr.   See for more Dr Egon Krannich & Walter Brock 1997-8 'Die Zinnwelt des Franz Karl Mohr Vols 1 & 2'.



Here the centrepiece of Plundering the Cloister by F. Bahr and reproduced in Krannick & Brock and part of Wiemohr Peasants' War series of 30mm flat figures

peasant_getting_drunk_400  peasant_resting_on_bishop_sculpture

And here again my figures

All figures like always painted by Pete Watson

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