Paris-Dakar (updated)

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Paris-Dakar. Or Le Dakar as it is cometimes called.
The latest race is in South America, because of treats against the race, but that has been a common feature in this race. The race is cross-country from somewhere in Europe (in the past always Paris) to Dakar (though it has ended in Cape Town and Egypt as well).

Just mention the name Paris-Dakar and loads of people start sitting up. It is one of the most grueling races and is a continuous race for 14 days against the elements, but sometimes against the machinery itself as well.

I like the rally and I collect some of their trucks and cars as well. In my scale there are not many cars, but as I include 1:50, I do have quite a collection of trucks.



Joschik on August 22, 2011


Very impressive
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