One Man Factory's Hand-Made 1/43 Audi Sport quattro

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Klaus Göpfert is the One Man with the Factory, in Bobingen, Germany. In it, he hand-builds super-detailed 1/43 model classic sports cars, classic racing cars and Formula 1 cars for customers - including this one-off Audi Sport quattro in road-going red.



The car is comprised of 350 separate parts made from brass, aluminium, white metal and other substances. It is, as above, a one-off made specially for a client (but more can be made if anybody's interested in acquiring one). It took 50 man-hours to build and costs around €1,800. It features an opening bonnet and fully detailed engine.



More of Klaus' work can be found on, including the gallery of all his other incredible models!


This particular quattro isn't included in the Toy Collector Audi charity forum auction, but several others are! Click here to see them!

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