Nuremberg #65: Schreiber-Bogen Paper/Card Model Kits

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Germany's Schreiber-Bogen had their very impressive paper & card model kits on display. They model every type of vehicle you can think of in their range!


Vans, Motorbikes & Cars (and some buildings and trains!):


The Citroen H Vans were especially nice!


One of the staff was kind enough to give us a closer look at the VW Transporter model:


Aircraft of all sorts too, from the Wright Brothers flyer, to seaplanes to Zeppelins :


Fokker "Spinne" (and the Red Baron...)


Gorgeous De Havilland Dragon Rapide:


Plenty of boats too, from throughout history, including the Titanic and ancient Eggptian vessels!


Sailing Schooner was stunning!





- LaToya


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GunnerJim on June 09, 2010

Beautiful Models in Card

When I notice the Card Models I thought to myself when joining Toy Collector there was a blog on making cars out of card that really was interesting. I remember those far off days when cardboard cut outs were on the back of Wheaties and Cornflakes Cereal Boxes and I had many a hour or two cutting and sticking them together. Some of those models depicted from Nuremberg actually look like the real thing. Thanks.
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