Nuremberg #33: Sun Star Vintage US Cars, European Classics, Rally Cars & Vintage Buses!

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We've already seen Sun Star's amazing and huge Morris Minors, Minis and VWs. But their 1/18 scale models are stunning too. There's a great selection of vintage US cars, covering the fifties, the muscle car era and more, plus some great European classics and rally cars - and double decker buses!


Mercury Park Lane, Buick, Lincoln & others.


Classic Buick Electra Convertible.


Fabulous Nash Ambassador in civilian livery...


And as a police car.


'59 Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop.


Awesome Lincoln has a fabric roof - a feature several high-end 1/18 manufacturers seem to be embracing this year.


Checker Cab and Pontiac Star Chief Police.


Mercury Montclair with fabulous sun visor!


Wonderful Kaiser Henry J


Cool '70s Mercedes Sedan and Coupe


Rallying Ford Escort Mk2's.


And, for a change of pace, some London Buses and Bedford OB Coaches!



- LaToya

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