Nuremberg 2012: New from Oxford Diecast

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As usual, there were lots of fabulous things on the Oxford Diecast stand!

Here's the upcoming Jaguar XK150 in coupe and convertible forms:

More 1/43: Austin Princess, Jensen, Armstrong-Siddeley, Daimler, Bentley Continental etc.

Sunbeam-Talbot, the famous Friary Victor Esate and another Armstrong-Siddeley

SS Jag, Vauxhall Victor Estate in green and metallic green Sunbeam-Talbot:

Pink Taxi & a Land Rover

1/76 scale selection including Inspector Morse Jag Mk2, SS Jag, just-released Renault Dauphine, Sunbeam Rapier, Jensen CV8, Humber Hawk, Standard Vanguard & the upcoming Jaguar XJS

More 1/43: Royal Daimler...

...and vintage Austin

Upcoming Top Gear Toyota Pickup:

The famous Land Rover models are now available as a set:

Fire Engine prototypes in 1/76

More 1/76:

Military AEC Matadors:

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Greendolly on February 09, 2012


As I said before, Oxford is the brand to watch.
jclevering on February 05, 2012


Pretty stuff!
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