Nuremberg 2012: Ixo American Excellence, Ist & More

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Lots of goodies from Ixo through all their many brands...

American Excellence: Stutzes x2, Ford Maverick Grabber, Plymouth Fury, Caddy, Imperial, Seville, Riviera, '50 Chevy & Pacer. 

There's also a Nash:

And a DARE Pacer:

Oh, and a Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow!

From IST, come great things in all scales:


Volga Sedan...

...and wagon!


And who can guess what this is?

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143Madness on July 10, 2019


Some nice classic Americana there! Indeed it is a shame die-cast's can be pricey ixo I find when new usually see if I can get them more cheaply in a part-works collection for example the Dodge Charger I picked up recently an ex- Brazilian part works model.

Dinkydi on February 06, 2012


So Many nice models So little money
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