Nuremberg 2011 - Top Slot Slot Cars: Pegasos & Mercedes!

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In 2010, we checked out the Top Slot stand and we were amazed by the prototypes for their amazing Pegaso slot cars. Top Slot's cars are so amazingly beautifully detailed that even if you never race them, they make great display models (and if you do decide to race them, you really need to buy another one the same just in case the racer gets damaged, which may be part of their business model in making these cars so nice!)

This year, not only did they have fantastic finished examples of their Pegaso range on display, including racing and street Pegasos and some of the wild coachbuilt cars, they also had the upcoming models from their new Mercedes range, some of which were in prototype form while others were finished. And these look equally amazing - and are equally interesting choices. Here's what we found on their stand...

The Pegasos:

The Mercedes:

540K in red and blue

Classic 196 racer

500K prototype

300SL Gullwing prototype

300SL Roadster prototype

300SLR prototype

540K Coupe prototype

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