Nuremberg 2011 - Scalextric: New Beetle, MGB, Lotus Cortina, McLaren, Kits & More

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The Scalextric stand was extra impressive this year, with a huge amount of great new stuff on show in ready-to-go and pre-production form. The new models include a classic early-sixties Beetle, MGB and the new McLaren, while there are also new kits and sets that tie in with Cars to appeal to younger slot car racers. Plenty of great high-detail sets for the collector too, though, including themes like Aston-Martins and Brawn GP. A bit of Bond too! Here's the pictures:

Starting with the individual models, we have The Beetle:

They really did a great job of capturing the shape on this one!

MGB Monte Carlo Rally:

Lotus Cortina Mk1:

Subaru Impreza Police Car:

The new McLaren MP4-12C in orange and silver:

Two for the muscle car fans: Boss Mustang...

...and secocond-gen Camaro

Ford RS200

And now those sets: 1955 Mercedes & D-Type.

Brawn GP Car:

And Aston Martin racing.

These are the new kits-in-white. The range includes the Audi R8 LMS, Lola Aston Martin, Aston Martin DBR9 & Chevrolet Impala Stock Car.

And a final group shot, including Nissan GTR, racing Lamborghini Gallardos, Mr. Bond's Aston Martin DB5 and Lightning McQueen!

 - LaToya

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