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Hello im new i have been collecting batman toys and cars for a few yrs now I have many batmobiles that i have found at stores yard sales and flea markets.  I just learned that a batmobile from the 1966 tv show that hotwheels produced in 2007 has become very rare because of the wheels on it it was a production error. It was produced with 5 holed wheels Pic to follow.

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GunnerJim on February 04, 2011

Resin casted models along side the diecast toys.

How time fly, Nuremberg is back on line for us who would never be able to go there. Thanks to LaToya and those lovely pictures posted online. I really like seeing the prototypes casted in resin showing the final fully designed model with the pictures of the car the styling was taken from. These full models would be used in most of the tooling process in making the steel dies while dissected or partitions models would also be used for the parts that make up the model. Each individual part would have its own model or patten so the dies can be made. Just the same process as real cars go through in the process of design and styling, Patten making and Die Making by tool makers. Thanks LaToya.
LaToya on November 19, 2010


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