Nuremberg 2011: Majorette Logo Made of Fiats! (Plus New Renaults!)

Posted by: LaToya in Member Blogs

Majorette wanted to announce they were back in a big way...

So they made a huge logo out of Fiat 500s!

Photos were hard to get on their stand, but I did manage to take these pics of the new Renault Megane Coupe & Sport

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jclevering on February 02, 2012


Sorry, but those Renaults were out already last year and I believe they did the logo last year in the same fashion... (The Megane Coupe is already in my collection). Having said that I thinkwe can expect great things from Majorette as they are apparently investing in a brand new facility since the old one got caught up in the flooding disaster in Thailand
jclevering on February 02, 2012


Oh forget it,forgot we are in 2012 already
fabiodipa on February 18, 2011

Majorette memories

From a majorette lovers... Spero che i nuovi modelli siano all'altezza del passato.
Ian on February 15, 2011

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Awesome stuff. Thanks LaToya. assets/smilies/cool.gif
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